Understanding SEO Terminology


Search engine terminology is simple to understand. A backlink has the ability to link to some excellent information. The backlink will link you from one Web page back to your original Web page. This is a hyperlink. There are several SEO terms that are worth knowing. You do not need to let the terminology intimidate you. Everyone can have a site and it can be a powerful marketing tool. It is a good idea to be informed of some commonly used search optimization terms. Your communication will be enhanced when you know some common terminology. Every site owner will have the ability to communicate with developers. The knowledge will be helpful to gain a better understanding on optimizing your own websites. When you are informed of some commonly used SEO terms, there will be fewer misunderstandings. You may have discovered that the SEO terminology appears to be a language of its own. Once you know some of the commonly used words, you will feel more confident about your knowledge and abilities. You will be able to enjoy active and powerful websites built on high-quality SEO domains.

Commonly Used SEO Terms

The following words are some of the most commonly used SEO terms. These include:

    • Anchor text

This is referring a hyperlinked text. This is anchoring to a link. This is common because keyword rich text has the ability to better the rankings. It is a good idea to ensure that the anchor text is natural within a press-release or in an article

    • Title tag

This can be a page title or a title tag. This will represent a title on the page or the page’s title. It is viewed on a tab in the browser. It may also be in the headline. This would be in a search result. The title tag will be beneficial to the internet user and search engines. It will work best if the title tag is unique. The title will need to be relevant for every one of the pages

    • Meta description

This would be considered to be a .html tag. It has a definite purpose. The goal of this description is to give an overview of the page. It will need to describe the page. A clear and a good meta description will increase click-through rates. The entire description ought to be unique and it will need to be a relevant description. This should be a description for every page. A call-to-action should be included in the description. This description should be concise with the explanation. These descriptions are typically used on the search results. The idea is to offer a preview for various information or for a certain page

Theis is a small sample of some commonly used SEO terminology. The terminology knowledge will be beneficial in gaining a better understanding in SEO domains with backlinks. There are many more commonly used terms that you will discover

    • Top backlinks

The “top backlinks page” will be available to subscribers only. Majestic will show the incoming links. These are links that will be considered to be highly powerful. If you do not think that you have been shown items that appear great, you will have the option to build any higher quality links right into your site.