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Extended car service contracts are frequently scams in the guise of auto-protection, but American Automotive Service Solutions (AASS) provides a breath of fresh air to the industry. Their website ( does not merely claim to be better than their competitors, but explains why in easy-to-understand terms. The result is an empowered consumer who is capable of making an informed decision regarding an extended service contract. This may be just one of the American Automotive Service Solutions Inc Reviews that you’ll see and make you love them.

What is extended service contract

The first step in this process is defining exactly what an extended service contract is. Scammers commonly claim to be able to extend a manufacturer’s warranty on a vehicle, something no firm can actually do. Instead, extended service contracts are used to replace the coverage of a manufacturer’s warranty after it expires, or as a supplement to manufacturer’s protections still in place.

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturer’s warranties are not all-encompassing. While they cover basic components such as the engine and transmission, more minor components such as the fuel pump and any aftermarket products added to a vehicle are expressly excluded. AASS allows consumers to protect whatever vehicle components they want to protect, offering a lot more freedom of choice than the average manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the benefits

Once the benefits of an extended service contract are clear, the next logical question to ask is price. Scammers frequently try to force consumers into purchasing their service at an inflated price even if they lack the resources to deliver value for the money. AASS has helped customers save on auto-repair bills for almost 10 years, experience that has taught them that shopping around is necessary to procure the best price possible for their customers. Therefore, they market plans from three of the most trusted administrators in the industry: Black Diamond (previously known as American Auto Shield), Marathon, and MBPI.

Many companies try to up-sell every customer regardless of their situation, but not AASS. For example, modern cars feature a dazzling array of computers that mechanics need to check individually, making a diagnostic alone cost around $200. AASS’s more expensive plans cover this, but what if a prospective customer drives an older car with far fewer bells and whistles? AASS will advise them to purchase a “good” contract, as advanced computer protection is not applicable to their situation anyway.

Why choose AASS

AASS provides a number of other advantages as well. They continue to advise customers on the particulars of their service contracts even after the sale is finalized, showing their dedication to customer service. They also offer helpful tips on mitigating mechanical issues, a nice touch that does not earn them any money.

AASS is a member of the Vehicle Protection Association (VPA), an independent industry group dedicated to preserving integrity in the extended service contract marketplace. The VPA does not allow scammers to join its ranks, increasing the trustworthiness of those that make the cut. A quick internet search reveals plenty of American Automotive Service reviews that reinforce this point. Contact them today to learn more about extended auto-service contracts.


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