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Due to the development of human knowledge, technologies are upgraded and expanded. Improvements are made and more and more inventions were created. One of these marvelous inventions is the car.

Nowadays, cars are constantly reinvented by car manufacturing companies. Surprisingly enough, they had come up with cars that have other sources of power supply. These cars are called Hybrid Cars. These cars had been recently available on the market. Here are the four kinds of Hybrid Cars and why they are a fascinating invention.

Full Parallel Hybrid

A car that is a parallel hybrid is simply having two power supplies. These two power supplies supply power in the engine of the car for its driving function. These two power supplies are gas and electricity. With two power supplies, cars only need half of the fuel an ordinary car needs. This makes the parallel hybrid car cost efficient and at the same time, environmentally safer.

 Mild Parallel Hybrid

Like the full parallel hybrid car, the mild parallel has two power supplies which are electricity and gas. However, unlike the full parallel, a mild parallel can not use both of the supplies to power the drive engine. The fuel gas is still its main power source and the electric power supply is more of an assistance to the fuel gas. This hybrid, however, needs less fuel compared to the diesel cars.

Power Split Hybrid

Similar to the full parallel hybrid car, a power split hybrid uses both the electrical supply and the fuel supply to power the car for driving. What made power split different is because it can use either any of the two power supply. It can use electricity only supply or gas only supply. Both of these supplies can do the function without the other.

Plug-In Hybrid

Plug-In Hybrid car is basically an electrical car. It is rechargeable and has a socket charger and connector. Experts consider this as the big step towards creating a fully electric car. Since this type of hybrid uses rechargeable batteries, it still requires a backup gas fuel. So if the electric supply is used up, it will immediately switch to the gas supply.

These cars had basically integrated the electrical power in their system. These cars will be like the usual cars we have today that needs automotive service solutions. They will only vary in the power supply they use. It is only a matter of time before the streets will be flooded with these hybrid cars.

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