Service your Mercedes car at low prices in Montclair

Before taking out your Mercedes car for a service, you need to know few points which are important for the car owners to know. If you are an experienced person, then you might know all the things involved with the service of the car like where to service and who are all good service people in the city, there might be some finer points you may want to know. If you are new one who has bought the car, then you must know lots of things before going out and hand over your premium Mercedes car for service to the service people.

Get free checkup on your car

While most of the service centers do the complete computer based checkup they charge separately. This particular Center which does mercedes service in Montclair, do the computer test completely free of cost when you opt for the service with them. They are working during week and closed on weekends. So if you want your car to be serviced by them, then you need to book the appointment with them during the week itself, there is no option for weekend check. You can reach them over through their service support number which is available in their website.

mercedes service in montclair

Some of the services done as per the standard service scheme includes check and replacing the synthetic motor oil and flees oil filter, checking the fluid levels,  tire inflation checking and correction, break component check and correction and resetting the maintenance counter. Some of the services which are offered as free are value added services on all plans are visual inspection, interior and exterior lamp inspection, road test and car wash using hands and vacuum.  Their service charges are comparatively less than those of their competitors in the market. One can visit their website to know about all the services offered and the charges for them respectively. They have also quoted the market price for those services which will help you to decide on whom to choose when it is time to service the car.

If you have any queries, you can chat with their expert in the website and find out the details about the service and get satisfied with the answers. Reviews given by their existing customers are praise worthy and most of them are satisfied with the service offered by the company. You can be also be a happy customer if you avail their services.

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