Introducing the New Flexographic Presses

The flexographic press is designed to print on paper, films, laminates, and foils. Soma Flex mid and wide web central impression presses are supplied for solvent or water-based inks. These flexo printers feature the most recent developments in flexographic printing press technology.

The latest developments of these machines may include CNC print deck positioning, sleeve technology, Fast blade chambered doctor blades, automatic Ink Storm wash-up and the Q-shield thermal stabilization system. Are you ready to revamp your production area? Soma Engineering with the Plastic Machinery and Parts which is known for their plastic bag machinery may just be the only contact that you need for new flexographic presses.


            Imperia has specially designed new features that can easily compete with the world-class standards of flexographic printing presses worldwide. It has an average speed of 450 / 600m per minute options. The print lengths can range from 330 to 850 mm with 1050 / 1270mm widths. Imperia has 10 printing decks.


            Optima is unique compared to other flexographic printing press machines. With its exceptional product results, the Optima can prove to achieve overall customer satisfaction. This is one of the most popular products of Soma Engineering which has a speed of 300m per minute. It can print anything from 240 / 260 to 600 mm with a printing width of 620 / 820 mm. It has 8 printing decks.


            The Premia model has a unique combination of features and technology which is essential to achieve high performance on these types of printing press machines. Premia is one of the tops of line brands when it comes to flexographic printing presses. This is another world-class product of Soma which has an impressive speed of 500m per minute. It can print from a range of 300 to 915 mm in length and 820 / 1050 / 1270 mm in width. Premia has 8 printing decks.

There are lots of flexographic printing press machines that are sold in the market today. If you are currently unsatisfied with your flexo machine, it is time to revamp your production area for your business to move up the ladder. Imperia, Optima, and Premia are the top three products of Soma Engineering. These products are different and unique compared to other brands. If you want faster and high-quality results, it is time to make a change and consider these three products. However, before you make your purchase, it is best to do your own research. Learn which product is best for you. Check online reviews about how these products have changed the path of other business owners.