Keeping yourself safe has long been a concern of mankind as soon as they become conscious. Whether or not they had a term for it, their behavior showed how being secure was a priority. This was shown in taking shelter from the weather and animals and building weapons for their own defense. Even until today, these are still present for our basic safety.

Security has evolved throughout the years. While we still have the basics that were present hundreds of years ago, other forms of security has gotten a modern makeover. Whether you like the classic types of locks and keys or something a bit more high-tech, the objective of safety remains the same.

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The Rise of Digital Keys

Nowadays, more and more people are adopting digital keys and codes as opposed to physical ones. One advantage is that a physical key can easily get lost. If you memorized the code and took it to heart, it’s with you forever. It’s also harder to pick. Skilled burglars can easily use a set of tools to open up a lock with a physical key. If you keep it digital though, it’s harder to do so.

Fingers Becoming Keys

Fingerprint scanners used to be reserved for scenes in spy movies. Now, they’re found in a lot of smartphones! Instead of relying on a pin or code to unlock a phone, using your finger is now the way. It’s definitely more secure as you’re the only one who can open it. The only drawback is that the technology in some phones is not equally advanced. So, using the fingerprint scanner is not always user-friendly in every smartphone available in the market.

The Eyes Have It

One type of lock that’ll soon hit a mass market range is the use of eye scanners to provide even more security. This provides unduplicated safety as it guarantees only the user to be able to unlock the lock. As of now, it’s still in its infancy stage for mass use. A few phones are starting to adopt them but it’s still far from where finger print scanners are. No doubt it’ll have a huge advantage over other digital forms of keys and locks.

No matter what type of security you choose, the important thing is it’s easy to use and it can do its job of keeping whatever you’re protecting safe. Never try to comprise on your security and always invest in it.

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