What You Should Know When Designing Truck Wraps

Designing truck wraps allows you to get creative. This is the reason why many truck owners choose this option over painting. However, the flexibility it provides also makes it easier for some to get overzealous with their design. Hence, it’s best to keep these factors in mind to make sure you achieve a tasteful design in the end.

Go Bold

The design of a truck wrap is meant to catch people’s attention. So, it’s desirable to go bold with your colors and design. This is especially true if you choose to cover your entire truck with vinyl wrap. You’ll want to make the most of this area. If you don’t then you’ll end up with white or blank space and could leave people wondering what’s missing in the design.

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Check Composition

Consider the composition of your overall design. Granted the design is meant to be colorful and bold. However, too much can make it appear more confusing than eye-catching. If you’re using a truck wrap as an advertising gimmick, then you might end up turning off potential customers. This could be because they’re confused by your design. Worse, they might find it offensive.

Limit Copy

It’s best to limit the copy on your truck wrap. A short message will suffice. Plus, it’s easier for people to recall. For a company, you’ll want to make sure your address, phone number, and brand’s logo are distinctly clear. Additionally, you can consider putting your company slogan. However, make sure it’s concise so passersby can read it fully in a just a few seconds.

Take measurements and photos

Prior to designing, you’ll want to get a good idea of what you’re up against. So, make sure to take measurements and decide how much area of the truck you want to cover. You should also take into account any peculiarities in the truck’s design such as curves or protrusions. It’s also necessary to take pictures.

Basic Rules of Designing a Truck Wrap

Truck wraps allow greater creativity. However, this same creativity can lead to problems if you become obsessive with your design. The result can be a terrible mish mash of colors and graphics. Remember, it’s alright to go bold but remain tasteful in your choice. Be sure to measure and take photos. This is helpful as you compose the design. Check your copy. Keep it short and simple for easy recall. In the end, you’ll have a design you can be proud of.

By Steveh

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