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Lou Ferring’s tryst with Steroids

Early in 1975 George Butler and Robert Foire who were interested in professional body building competitions and Mr. Olympia competitions thought of directing a documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferring as lead rivals. Little did they know they are going to make history. This documentary called “Pumping Iron” became a critical and commercial success in 1977 when it released. This opened doors for body-building as a new craze among common people and the actors became demi-gods in real life. Arnold went on a spree of Hollywood movies while Lou in famous television series called as The Incredible Hulk as the lead actor which he continues even now occasionally.

The documentary focused on the personal, physical and psychological change an individual must endure to win a body building competition. Lou was a normal deaf boy who was bullied at New York school. To boost his confidence into a strong personality, Lou started concentrating on body building, he dreamed of having the best body ever and started participating and won several competitions.

Lou has gone on record about steroid use

The Life after Pumping Iron: In 1970’s Lou was the reigning king and won most of the body building competitions. His best was weighing 290-320 pounds and soon he fell in the eyes of film producers. They cast him as the “Incredible Hulk” for which he had to look heavy with a Super-Hero body. Lou has gone on record about steroid use to build up the bulkyHulky body he wanted.

What are anabolic steroids actually? They are steroidal androgens which resemble testosterones in structure and imitate their actions causing virilising and masculine qualities in the subject. This can be usually used to use as medications for muscle growth and hormone replacement therapy. But injecting these steroids in larger quantities increase the protein building nature to bulk up the muscle quickly in greater proportions. Hence these are called Bulking Agents.

Which Anabolic steroids did Lou use? Due to the craze of bulking up larger muscle and his yearn to have a Super-Hero body Lou started experimenting with anabolic steroids which he could get at that period.

Dianabol: It is a synthetic anabolic steroid used as a performance enhancing drug and a bulking agent. Due to its behavior like testosterone, it causes euphoric experience and faster wound repair. Thus, Dianabol was mostly used by body builders and weight lifters before their working out sessions in combination with other drugs and in the form of cycles to enhance results.

HGH (Human Growth Hormone):it is a peptide hormone which is usually responsible for cell generation, development and reproduction. Thus, increases protein synthesis leading to muscle build up.

Primobolan: This is also anabolic androgenic steroid that was most effective and fast acting of all. These increase the nitrogen content in the muscle tissue, making it more available for more growth in muscle by protein synthesis.

All these steroids have helped him to improve his bulky body and win titles like all his contemporaries who have experimented at the same time. It was a norm those days that body builders and weight lifters were offered these drugs to test on themselves and know the results to check whether they work until they are banned in some countries.

Lou has grown completely into a huge body and with a successful life in Television and films, to this day he works as a fitness trainer and is related to The Hulk in some way or the other. This celebrated artist was responsible for a whole generation to turn and concentrate on their physique. It was due to these films that a lot more gyms and fitness centers have come up waking a whole lot people to work out.

Lou was a winner of several Mr. America, Mr. Olympia winner from 1971-94. He was crowned Mr. Universe-1973, a notable achievement in those days with limited resources just with sheer hard work and little-bit of steroid help. After proving himself and working in his career for 20 long years Lou retired from professional body building though he continues his acting spree in television.