Students need guidance throughout their learning process which will enable them to clear doubts and get reassurance along the path of knowledge. Subjects of every kind need some special type of teaching for student to understand the basics to the higher concepts. Students have like and dislike for certain subjects. Why this is so is the level of interest and how it is taught. Even a difficult and boring lesson can be made interesting and captivate the student’s mind. It’s in the hands of the Heytutor tutor to get the student to like the subject first and understand why he/she is facing a difficulty in knowing the subject.

Gaining the confidence of the student is the utmost task and making the student comfortable to voice his thoughts and pronounce his difficulties will boost the learning process. Dealing with the subject and explaining the queries and doubts of the student and repeating the explanations any number of times till the student gets the hang of it will make the tutor the perfect person to learn from.

Parents usually do the searching for the tutor, but here the students too have an ample opportunity to check out on what tutors they want.


Finding the best tutor for your kid

The first criterion would be the expertise of the tutor, the time he/she can devote to you at your convenience, the cost and last but not the least all parents would vouch for is the security of their child, hence heytutor screens all the tutors before appointing them. Thorough background checks are done, references are taken etc.

There is a regularised mode of payment and charges are specified through platform so that tutor and student will concentrate on the teaching and learning part.

The student gets a choice of going for the first lesson and not likening the learning experience will allow the student to be not charged. He/she get to change a tutor and go on with his learning experience.

Parents often worry about the high pricing tutors but in such a wonderful platform you get tutors at your price range with no compromise on the teaching quality at all.

The lessons are taught in school what difference would a one on one tutor do? Is the utmost question on every mind. Here the crux of the issue is the child will get sole attention, he/she need not feel embarrassed to ask any number of queries or repetitions of the explanation of a concept.

The child is taught in his/her own spare time in a convenient place. The tutor is able to gauge the interest levels of the student and come up with more innovative methods to bring up the interest levels.

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