How to use Saps Ibu Bapa Connect

The SAPS application framework has given many advantages to guardians and carers in taking in their youngsters’ scholastic execution. Congrats to the Ministry of Education for their drives keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that guardians are associated with the way toward learning kids.

Above is one case of the outcomes that will be shown on the SAPS site. The unadulterated endeavors of the Ministry of Education have been invited by guardians. They see the made stage will give another breath in the Malaysian instruction framework. General has to know, this framework requires Internet access to empower sagacious programs to get ideal income.

Tap the official SAPS connect (site address closes with to check the aftereffects of the examination and keep on accessing the official SAPS Malaysia site.

Here are the steps in using the Saps Ibu Bapa

  1. Fill in the No Certificate of Birth of the child (for the primary) or NO KP (for the high school). You are reminded to fill in any details correctly.
  2. Click on the type of exam result that your review needs.
  3. Click on the Year of Choice (please select the year list displayed on your menu) to review the results of the exam.
  4. Then click check.
  5. Below is an example of the SAPS exam results.

The service additionally noticed that the framework gateway is still moderate and regularly encountering issues if get to is excessively. MOE will defeat this issue occasionally.

For Parents who are not yet capable at getting to this SAPS framework, you should contact your class instructor or educator of your kid’s subject straightforwardly. This is essential to make it simpler for you to utilize this framework and to screen the scholastic execution of the kids.

Advantages of an online examination check office

SAPS encourages the treatment of physical reports

SAPS The NKRA has incredibly eased the specialists associated with training. As an extensive framework that gathers information from various gatherings, SAPS guardians set aside opportunity to end up plainly a powerful framework, to determine the recurrence of submitting physical reports between divisions, schools, instructors and guardians. Guardians now require no more envelopes that are normally given through kids. With online innovation, exam results can be checked at the fingertips whenever.

Parental SAPS permits issues recognized at an early stage

Through the examination of the exam, guardians can distinguish the qualities and shortcomings of the kid. Looking at a portion of the key tests during the time enables guardians to design their plans to enhance learning execution adequately. For instance, an understudy isn’t great at math, guardians can send their kids to take scientific subject educational cost. Such activities can to be sure enhance the tyke’s execution as issues have been identified in the beginning periods and particular arrangements have been given.