Listening to internet radio – guide

It has become a popular trend that people are browsing the internet for almost everything. Right from watching movies, shopping, reading news, catching up on the latest fashion trends. Gone are the days when people would own a radio and listen to it. So now radio also has found its place on the internet and people can listen to their favourite songs online with their RJs pitching in with trivia and snippets about life and everything else in between. This can be done through internet radio.

What is internet radio

It is the audio service provided through the internet. The broadcasting on the internet is known as webcasting hence it can also be known as web radio. Though this service is like your typical radio service which you get continuous streaming of audio wherein you cannot pause and replay them.

Internet Radio

The services internet radio offers

  • News
  • Sports information
  • Different genres of music
  • Interviews of eminent personalities
  • Skits or plays done by voice over artists
  • Advertisements

Hence it has all the things that a traditional radio has but the difference is you can listen to it anywhere on your phone, tablet, PC, android etc.

How it can be accessed

To get an access to the internet radio from anywhere in the world, you need a good internet connection in the first place. You can then choose the channels from any country you please and listen to your favourite songs. The top songs from any billboard chart busting numbers from any film etc.

This access to channels from other countries was not possible through the traditional radio, but internet has made this possible and now you can listen to U.K. Top ten or pop song from Korea. This way the expatriates never miss home. But some of the major networks restrict their listening to in country due to music licensing and advertising problems. But you still have a large range of radio channels to look forward to and there is no need to be disheartened as there are thousands of other channels you can tune into.

With the audience frontiers are far flung and more people consuming the content on the online radio so more opportunities for the creators of content and consumers of it as well. There is no person who doesn’t love their choice of listening to music either from a playlist or a radio station.

Giving highly personalised services will only survive as other kinds of media just grab attention every other day. So newer ways to present content to the listeners will enable a wider pan audience. We love if someone tries to form a bond and pampers us with what view like and served in a particular way and the online radio caters to such consumers.

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