How to Have a Healthy Movie Marathon

There are many therapeutic benefits to watching a movie. It’s the only activity that can be enjoyably done alone or with family and friends. If you’re planning for your next “alone time,” movie marathon in your home definitely fits the bill. However, before you indulge, it’s crucial that you consider your health and personal hygiene.

Many people commit the mistake of ignoring health and personal hygiene when indulging in a movie marathon because of the excitement. That is not a good practice. Remember that a movie marathon means watching four or more movies in a row. If you do not do it right, it will affect you. Here are some things that you should consider to have a healthy movie marathon:


Before indulging, you need to secure your food. You should think about where to get food – do you want to prepare it beforehand or do you want delivery? If you want delivery, you should focus on the quality of your food. For sure, you can survive 24 hours on popcorn or chips and soda, but you will feel rotten inside. The best thing you should do is to look for real food.

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Keep your meals small and avoid eating fatty or oily food. When you’re having a movie marathon, the challenge is not to feel sleepy. If you do not want to miss a thing, you should focus on caffeine. In the days leading up to the marathon, reduce your caffeine intake. That way, when you need it during the marathon, it will give you an extra punch. Chewing gum can also help in keeping you awake.


If you’re on any prescription medications, you should keep taking it. Also, make sure that your medicine cabinet is fully stocked because there might be some instances where you need medication. For example, if you suffer a headache or leg cramp in the middle of the marathon, you can take aspirin otherwise, you will be miserable all throughout the marathon.


The thing about a movie marathon is, after sitting in a chair for several hours, you will start to stink. Even if you’re alone, you will soon feel uncomfortable. One way to wake you up is to freshen up a bit. After eating, do not forget to brush your teeth. If you feel like going fora shower, go, and do not forget to apply deodorant. You will feel much better.


You should also think about your comfort. After sitting in a chair for many hours, you will notice a change in temperature. It’s important that you dress in layers. This way, you can simply add or remove clothing depending on your body temperature. If you want to stay awake, move a bit. This will be enough to keep your blood moving; it can prevent muscle soreness.

Surviving a Free movies marathon is a unique experience. You will surely crave for it. Remember to do it healthily so it will not bite you in the long run.

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