A Glimpse at How Men Dressed in the 80’s

The 80 tals kläder for menwas completely different from decades prior to it. The men’s fashion trends in the decade reflected what was worn “in” as popularized by TV shows celebrities and music video icons. It was a commonality then to have a man dressed for work in clothes he deemed appropriate for an evening out at a nightclub.

Here are some of the things that characterize the men’s clothing in the 80’s.

Fashion and Style Inspired by Television Series

Men in the 80’s opted for clothing that appeared cool and casual. This was influenced by the TV series that predominantly ruled this period. Casual t-shirts under designer jackets, suits in white, pastel, or bright colors, loafers or boat shoes became common fashion for men.They also often wore pushed-up sleeves and open jackets.

80 tals kläder

Music Icons Ruled in Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion and style in the 1980s was influenced by music icons. The King of Pop’s power jacket became one of the most copied cuts of the time. Boy George’s androgynous look was considered remarkable with blouses, high-heeled boots, large hoop earrings and fully made up faces.Some men copied the look of Metallica by wearing t-shirts, leather or spandex pants and torn jeans often with a bandana around their massively teased hair.Men were also greatly influenced by MC Hammer with the parachute pants. The pants had a large space in between the crotch area that contained a massive amount of extra fabric.

The Rise of Brand Clothing

Clothing in the 1980’s featured items with brand logos. Some of the prominent brands in this decade included Izod, Gap, Guess, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Izon popularized sportswear and casual fashions. Gap was known for pullover sweatshirts. Guess was a popular denim brand. Polo Ralph Lauren was known for their colorful polo shirts and jackets.Benetton was largely regarded for their colorful sweaters and knits while Champion sweatshirts were a popular item for weekend wear. You can get more details by visit here http://80talsklä .

Conservative Clothing

Men did not only resort to experimenting with fashion in this decade. Conservative clothing, which had its origin in the 1950’s remained prevalent during the 80’s. This included button-down oxford shirts, polo shirts with the collars turned up, argyle sweaters, sweater vests, peg-legged jeans, cuffed khakis, penny loafers and bright white sneakers.

Men in the 80’s used clothing to express their individuality and creativity. While there were those who patterned the choice of their clothing to famous actors or music icons, some remained to be individually creative. Undoubtedly, men in the 80’s witness a fashion that the men of the previous decades witnessed. Some of it can still be seen these days.

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