Men and Women’s Fashion During the 80’s

The cloths of 80’s times were primarily influenced by the rapidly changing fashion and style during the time. Fashion, then, had to conform with the emergence of pop culture trends and globalization. The launch of the MTV and high popularity of cable telvision accelerated the spread of the emerging fashion. Fans and viewers were primarily influenced by what they saw on cable and fashion channels.

Celebrities brought their kind of fashion at the forefront of the pop culture. Because there were various celebrities who rose during the decade, cloths of the 80’s were representative of certain groups. This was completely different from the fashion trend in the past when one or two clothing styles were predominantly popular. How were men and women style and fashion like during the ‘80s?

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Men and Women Style Icons

Fashion in the 1980s was primarily influenced by the emergence of style icons such as Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, and Boy George. Clothes defined personalities and were used to make fashion statements. The late Lady Diana popularized padded shoulders, the power shoulders as others call it. Michael Jackson’s power jacket became one of the most copied cuts of the decade. Jane Fonda made leg-warmers and Lycra as trends among fitness buffs. Boy George became popular with his androgynous look by wearing blouses, high-heeled boots, large hoop earrings. Not to forget is face fully made – up!

Masculine and Feminine Fashion in the 80’s

In the 80’s, not only was women’s fashion reflective of the influence of music icons. Men’s fashion was influenced by music icons. Michael Jackson’s power jacket became one of the most popular outfits of the decade. Boy George’s androgynous look was also a hit during this period. Some men copied the look of Metallica by wearing t-shirts, leather or spandex pants and torn jeans often with a bandana around their massively teased hair. MC Hammer also popularized the parachute pants. Women in 80s the wore lingerie-inspired clothing styles. Madonna wore the most popular lingerie – inspired piece, the cone bra bustier. Poufy dresses were also popular during the 80’s. Some dresses were short and puffed up all the way around the skirt. Others took the slim silhouette of a work-friendly dress featuring a modest bodice and pencil skirt and added a large ruffle or two around the middle. What a way to highlight femininity!

Preppy Style for the Women of the 80’s

Dresses made with puffy sleeves and lots of fabric were important components to the preppy eighties style. No one could question this. There were also turtlenecks, blazers, sweaters tied around the neck, knee high socks, pencil skirts, and pullover sweaters layered over button-ups or turtlenecks. Women sported the colorful polo shirt with khaki pants look. Plaid was so popular as well as wrap skirts that tied or buttoned at the hip were.

Conservative Clothing in the 80’s for Men

While fashion for women can be as outrageous, men of the 80’s also showed their conservative side. Conservative clothing, which had its origin in the 1950’s remained prevalent during the 80’s. Men expressed their being conservative by using button-down oxford shirts, polo shirts with the collars turned up, argyle sweaters, sweater vests, peg-legged jeans, cuffed khakis, penny loafers and bright white sneakers.

Undoubtedly, the way men and women dealt with fashion and the emerging styles during the 80’s was commendable. It’s not definitely easy on how they infused creativity, individuality, and personality in what could be described as the decade of fashion and style icons.

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