The application process of solar nails

French manicure has its own charm and it gives your hands a beauty that cannot be ignored. But, when you do not have the time to get the elaborate process done, you should think of other ways via which you can get almost the similar look. The nail art that can get you the look is solar nails.

The key is proper application

When you get solar art on your nails, it may look similar to nail extensions but they have a natural look yet they appear unique. Of course, this kind of art has its own benefits. First, they lend a style to your nails and at the same time, help you retain the natural look. In this, you are not required to use or carry bulky tips on your nails. Artificial nails may make your nails appear lovely but if you need a glossier finish, then you should consider going solar in your nails. Solar nails are also called as pink and white nails because of the colours. This is the look they lend to the nails, dual tones of white and pink which makes your nails look amazing and stylish but without going overboard.

solar nails

For the solar art on your nails, your nail has to be prepared first. It is cleaned, buffed and the filled, so that the nails are ready to accept the new style. Primer coats are applied first. Either a single coat or two coats are applied. The nail brush to which liquid acrylic is applied is used. This is a different type of nail brush as it is layered. It is then dipped into the white acrylic powder. The brush is swirled couple of times in a circular motion so that tiny balls are formed. This will ensure that the brush has absorbed the required liquid and because of which the gel necessary for the solar nail art is ready. The nail is divided into three portions now hypothetically, the nail bed or the bottom part of the nail which is nearer to the skin, is the first part. The seam part is the area of the nail between the nail be and the tip while the free edge or the tip is the third part. The acrylic is applied to all the three sections of the nail separately but not at one time. Once the three layers are done, all the three sections are blended. The white layer is allowed to dry first and then the pink layer is done. The distinguishing part of solar nail art is that the pink part of the nails is always on the nail bed which is the area close to the skin. It is also a simple process and you can ask your nail technician more about the process and the time taken.

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