Exercises that can be done at Home

We all want our bodies to be fit and healthy. That is why some of us go to the gym or go to exercise classes. That can vary depending on the person’s preference. If you need to go to the gym, you need to consider a lot of things so it will coincide with your own time. There are also those that keep their gym equipment at home for convenience.

While there are a lot of ways to stay fit. You always can do some exercises at home. This way you do not have to go out and travel. You just wake up each day and do the routine in keeping your body fit. For those that want to get gym equipment, there are those that can be purchased on this website In the meantime, here are some exercises that can be done in your room.


  1. Push-Ups

You can work it up for your upper body by doing push-ups everyday. You do not need any tool for this, just your own body and commitment. Push-ups can be a good in order to keep you fit.

  1. Prisoner Squat

If it’s the lower part of the body you need to work on, you can do the prisoner squat. Again, this is so easy and convenient. You can do it in your own bedroom.

  1. Plank

This is so effective and easy to do. You just have to a press-up position. You just rest with your forearms rather than your hands. You back should be kept straight. This is a good way to keep your muscles in place.

  1. Leg Drop

This is so easy; you just have to lie flat on your back. You place your arms to the sides. Lift your legs until these are right above you. Right after that, just lower your legs flat on the floor. Repeat this many times and you get to have your abs fit.

  1. Farmer’s Walk

You need your dumbbells to do this. It is easy, all you need to do is hold these dumbbells in each of your hands and hold them at the sides. Just stand up tall with your shoulders back and just walk as fast as you can. You can do quick steps with this exercise.

These are some exercises that can be done at home. You need not go too far in order to keep your body fit and healthy.

By Steveh

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