4 Easy Games That Will Earn You Bitcoins

Bitcoin is basically the currency of Internet money. One Bitcoin is worth US$4,000 and it can be wired transferred and withdrawn in any bank around the world. Bitcoins are actually very easy to obtain. Once you have a bitcoin wallet account, you can be paid bitcoins by any websites. There are many ways to earn bitcoins only. You can earn them by simply checking out sites, answering surveys and so many simple ways. The most fun way to earn bitcoins is playing games.

Yes, playing games can earn you bitcoins. These games may range to non-skilled to super skilled games and easy to hard. Here are four easy games that will earn you bitcoins.

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz is like any other quiz game that asks you random questions and you have to answer it correctly. But instead of earning points, you are awarded satoshis, a unit in bitcoins. They have an app version of this so you can play anywhere and anytime you like. The expected satoshi prize range of this game is 100 to 1000 satoshis in every quiz won.

Bitcoin Riddles

By the name itself, Bitcoin Riddles is simply answering the riddles correctly. They pay in bits. A bitcoin is equivalent to one million bits. However, there is a catch. You are to compete with other players. In order to get the prize, you have to be the first one to answer the riddle. These riddles are like the ones on YouTube.

Farm Satoshi

If you love playing farm games that involve growing crops and taking care of animals, then Farm Satoshi is for you. There is also some assignments to complete and you can also purchase items to keep your farm up and running. You lose when your farm gets bankrupt.

 Coin Flapper

 If you have played the famous game, Flappy Bird. Then, playing this game will be easy for you. You just have to tap and tap the screen to keep your bird from falling or bumping on the pillars. You can earn satoshis by navigating through the maze and also collecting coins.

With these fun and easy games, you can enjoy while earning money. However, as mentioned, these games pay their players satoshis. To get one (1) Bitcoin, you need to earn 100 million satoshis. This will take a long time to earn especially if you will only play this easy games. If you are looking for games that will pay you big, you can check out esports games. To learn more about bitcoin earning games, please click the link.


By Steveh

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