Certified Domains: The Authorization and Verification Process

Certified Domains will provide information or evidence that the domain’s registration is certified and validated. This will also prove that the registrants’ provided credentials have been checked and verified. Because of this, the Certified Domain is useful for business website owners who are offering transactions with the site. The website owners can give validity by providing the Domain Original Certified seal.

            Your customers would know that 먹튀사이트 or the site passed the validation process once the website verifier company adds a Domain Certified seal. You can also add the seal to the site to show your visitors that the domain or website has passed the validation process. The validation for registered domains can last for a two, three, sometimes up to  ten years.

The Authorization and Verification Process

            During the process of domain name validation, the email address used is will be checked once the domain registers with the domain verifier. This will also include screening for fraud and telephone verification. The site owner just needs to follow the procedures, provide needed credentials, and you will receive your Certified Domain name in minutes. If you fail to follow a single step, this will stop the process from moving on. However, you must understand that all of the required steps should be completed to have your domain name certified.

  • Email Verification. Authorization email messages will be sent to the provided email address by the registrant once the domain name is requested to be certified. The emails would be validated.
  • Verifying the Domain Name’s Contacts. The Domain Name contacts such as the registrant, administrative and technical contacts, will verify the Certified Domain name email. Once validated, you will proceed to the next step. If you have multiple emails for each contact, the process will not continue unless all emails have been verified.

  • Fraud Screening. There will be fraud screening for possible fraud indicators. If proven as fraud, a fraud review will be applied to the domain. If the verification process needs to be reviewed, you would need to wait up to 48 hours to proceed.
  • Telephone Verification. This is required to all of the Certified Domain name owners. A PIN will be sent to the phone number listed by the registrant. Enter the PIN to complete the process.
  • Certificate Issued. If the process is complete; authorization and validation; the Domain Origination Certified seal will be issued. This will also be added to the Whois listing.

The Authorization and Validation process of Certified Domains is very important to avoid having problems in the future. Just follow the required steps and you will get your Domain Certification in no time. Remember that one failed step will not complete the process.