Low key Hong Kong has a thriving and prosperous gambling industry especially when it comes to sports betting, why? Because Hong Kong is relatively close to Macau, Asia’s gambling capital and most of these gambling lords, sports books operators and online betting operators are based in Hong Kong.

Macau is just around 60-kilometers away from Hong Kong and can be reached either by plane or a ferry boat. Hong Kong’s sports betting scene is primarily focused on horse racing and football leagues such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga as well as Copa Del Rey, and the rising China Football League.

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Online sports betting sites and sportsbooks have also released the odds for the forthcoming World Cup in Russia next month and according to togel hongkong, a well known online sports betting site that they are already flooded with bettors from all around the world.

However, online sports betting in Hong Kong is strictly monitored by authorities but still, there are a lot of online betting sites and sports books that slip through the watchful eye of the authorities and continue to provide punters odds and betting.

Local bettors can either play in a Hong Kong-based online sports betting site or visit an offshore site which provides very similar services. However, offshore online betting sites are strictly prohibited by authorities for security reasons and also, for those who will get caught transacting offshore online betting sites will face jail time and even fines but many dares to resort to playing offshore online betting sites and online casino sites after many land-based casinos in Hong Kong shut down but authorities have difficult time tracking down these people because they usually use mobile phones and mobile gadgets to gamble online.

Locals in Hong Kong who are fond of online gambling and online sports betting can easily access offshore online gambling websites where they can easily register and set up an account and make deposit through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) which encrypts their current IP address and creates a decoy IP address that makes them appear to be located in another country but this type of strategy has been flagged by numerous online punters as very risky considering that these VPN service providers might hack the information being provided during the transaction between its clients and the online betting sites.

When it comes to betting options, Hong Kong has a monopoly of online betting sites considering that online gambling there is considered illegal if someone bets on offshore online betting sites. Its legal online betting site is operated by one sportsbook which offers various sports such as horse racing, football, and cricket. In this way, the monopolized online betting sites in Hong Kong can be closely monitored and regulated.

However, there are still a lot of offshore online betting sites that secretly provides betting options for Hong Kong locals by enticing them with generous bonuses, big jackpot prizes and fair odds that is why there are still a lot of locals who patronize offshore online betting sites rather than picking the monopolized and regulated locally based online betting sites.

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