NBA 2K17: How to Fix the Logo Screen Freeze

Imagine this – you get home from a hard day at work or school, and all you want to do now is play a few matches in NBA 2K17. Once you’ve booted the game, you realize that it froze right in the middle of the logo screen.

Some glitches are quite funny to watch, as long as it doesn’t break the game. However, when things like the game not loading in the first place happen, then it might be a cause for broken controllers getting thrown against the wall. Before you throw your controller, note that there is a fix to NBA 2K17 freezing at the logo screen, and you’ve come to the right place if this is happening to you.

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You’re Not Alone

Before we proceed to the fix, note that you’re not the only NBA 2K17 owner that experiences this game-breaking glitch. Some Xbox One owners also experience this issue as the game won’t load properly. The common term for it if you search for it online is called “the logo screen freeze.” Some Xbox One NBA 2K17 players reported that they’re either forced to wait an insane amount of time for the game to load or they’re stuck on the loading screen that features the logos of different NBA teams. No matter what the instance may be, we all know it’s not going to be good.

Not to Worry

An NBA 2K17 YouTuber by the name of Pooky posted a video tutorial on how to deal with the problem. Other YouTube users found that the video owner’s fix was right on the money, and it’s one of the most straightforward solutions in addressing the concern. Still, it does make one wonder why the developers of NBA 2K17 still couldn’t provide a fix to this problem, even though the release of NBA 2K18 is just around the corner.

The Step-by-Step Guide

If you can’t head to Pooky’s YouTube channel to watch the video, then here’s the solution for the logo screen freeze. Start by quitting the game by pressing the Xbox button. Then, once you’re in the main dashboard, head to “Manage Games.” Select NBA 2K17 then scroll down and select “Save Data.” Next, scroll down to “Reserved Space” and click on it. Afterward, click on “Clear Reserved Space.” The final step is to restart the game. At this point, the game should load as normal, but there should be a lengthy delay as it’s trying to rebuild its cache once more.

As a final note, you should never press cancel even if there’s an option for it as it will clear all data for the game. While waiting, you might even want to check out some NBA 2K18 locker codes to prepare yourself for when the game comes out.

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