Secrets of DotA 2 Pros You Should Know

It’s not fun to be stuck in a rut on DotA 2. This is particularly true if you can’t improve your matchmaking rankings. You end up frustrated. Even after playing longer matches and earning 1000 points per level, it’s still not enough to unlock matchmaking rankings.

We reveal several secrets DotA 2 pros know all too well. You can use one or all of them to your advantage. Gradually, it’ll help build up your game. It’s possible you might discover your own pro secret in the process.

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Take Note of Your Item Builds

It’s easy to follow an item guide. It’s another matter using it to your advantage in a game. To make it easier, consider the time at which you want to end the game. For instance, your enemy is building up late game items. Before they’re done, put together mid game items like solar crest, necro books, and mechanism. This gives you the upper hand in pushing and teamfights.

Pay Attention to Roshan

Are you aware killing Roshan affords each team member 200 gold? That’s equivalent to a tier 2 tower. Multiplied by 5 then you have a thousand gold in net worth. In addition, killing Roshan earns you 750 exp and correspond to a level 11 hero kill.

Take note, the last one to hit Roshan also get an extra 150 to 400 gold. So, make your hit count. To make it easier to keep track of when Roshan respawns after a kill, press ALT and left click the game clock. This is also helpful for your allies.

Use Information from the Scoreboard and Minimap

This might take a bit of practice. Chances are monitoring your own progress while playing the game is already confusing for some. Even so, you’ll learn a lot by paying attention to the scoreboard particularly what’s written underneath your enemy’s name. This tells you which hero they chose. At the same time, indicates their hero’s level.

This gives you and your team an advantage. Depending on which hero it is and what level he’s in, you’ll be able to plan your attack. For example, use TPs and be on the defensive when Enigma hits level 6. Likewise, check the minimap regularly to keep track of your enemy’s inventory.

Use these tips to your advantage and build up your skills. In no time, you’ll be having fun again. Moreover, you have a better chance of increasing your dota 2 mmr boost.

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