What You Need To Know About The Up Coming Game Brawl Stars

Do you remember the classic game Clash Royale that Supercell released in 2016? Well, that game completely shook up the mobile world, and now gamers from all around pay close attention to all of Supercell’s new releases. As a gamer, you will probably be happy to learn that they have another competitive mobile multiplayer game in the works. While the game is in soft-launch, and only available in Canada, there are ways for other players in different countries to take advantage of this game, which will be discussed later on. With a name like Brawl Stars this game has got a lot of gamers very exited and it should, because there still are a lot of exciting things to learn about this new revolutionary game.

What Exactly Is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a shooting game that is available for iOS and Android applications. However, the neat thing is that Brawl Stars focuses on three on three multiplayer gameplay based in real time. So, you get to team with two other real life players and put your team’s skills to the test against three other real life players. While there are several different multiplayer modes available, the main concept of the game is to score more points than the enemy team. You get to choose from several different hero characters that have unlimited amounts of ammo and a super ability that charges up as you score hits on other players. While the ammo is unlimited, it does take time to recharge, so users will have to be cautious and smart with it.

Game Brawl Stars

Adapting To The Progression System

Just like every game Brawl Stars does come along with a progression system. Players are able to obtain gems or chips, which is the common currency of the game, and use those chips or gems to unlock other brawlers, upgrades, and additional skins. Players are only able to earn so many free coins from actually playing the game and winning events, so if you download brawl stars be sure to spend your earnings wisely, unless you want to spend real life cash on gems.

How Can you Play Brawl Stars If You Are Not In Canada?

As mentioned above Brawl Stars is only available in Canada as of right now, but there are ways for other users to take advantage of this Beta version game. Unfortunately, if you are using an Android application, you are completely out of luck as of right now, because the game is only available in iOS format. In order to download the game you will need to sign into the iTunes or App Store with your Apple ID, access your account settings, and change your country or region to Canada.

After doing this you will once again have to agree to the terms and conditions. Once you have agreed, you will be required to fill in other account information asking for you name, address, phone number, and postal code. You can use a fake name and address, as long as the postal code and phone number are formatted with Canadian standards. There are lots of websites online where you can get access to real Canadian phone numbers and postal codes.

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