3 Essentials in the Art of Corporate Gift Buying

Buying corporate gifts for your clients might look easy, but it can be one of the most daunting tasks you can ever imagine. Even though it’s easy to just give your loyal clientele whatever comes into mind, you need to give presents that will provide long-lasting impressions. After all, one of the purposes of corporate gift giving is to make sure that your client keeps good relations with your business.

Many corporate business people will give the usual items to their clients, such as gift certificates, cards or calendars, items found in the business’ stock room, flowers, liquor, plants, and the very popular fruit basket. If you want to make sure that your gifts leave a significant impact, then there are some factors worth considering before spending the company’s budget for the purchase of an item that’ll be given as a present to clients.

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Check Corporate Policies Beforehand

There are many instances wherein clients return gifts, but it’s not about the receiver disliking the present but accepting the gift might be against company policies. As such, it’s in your best interest to check the policies of the firm first before buying any item to give as a present to avoid wasting the company’s precious budget. As a prime example, note that many government offices will have a policy that limits the dollar value of a particular gift. Some government organizations even prohibit businesses and patrons from giving presents to them.

Check Their Needs and Wants

The struggle is very real when looking for that perfect corporate gift, especially if your loyal client is located halfway across the globe. Your best bet at knowing what your clientele wants and needs is to give them a quick call. You can ask them what their hobbies are, or perhaps ask them about their favorite item from the brand.

Always Go for Quality Instead of Quantity

It’s nice to give flowers or a box of chocolates as a corporate gift, but flowers wilt and chocolates can get eaten in a snap. If you want to make a lasting impression to your dear clientele, then it’s better to give them a gift that’ll last the test of time. For example, you can give them corporate toys to celebrate any significant events that happened over the course of the business relationship.

Lastly, and if it’s possible, deliver the gift to your clients personally. When a present is personally delivered, it’ll keep your business at the top of the minds of your clients at all times.

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