4 Different Butt Enhancement Procedures You Must Know

Nowadays, butt enhancements are starting to become a common thing for women. Every woman would want to have curves at the right places especially at the back side of their body. This is starting to become a need for women who want to be confident with their bodies.

Because of this high demand for butt enhancements, experts try to invent ways to achieve the butt enlargement. There are a lot of ways to get the butt that you want. These procedures may range from really safe to very extreme. So here are four different butt enhancement procedures that you must know.

By Implants

This is a surgical procedure that uses silicon-made butts to be attached to the butt. This will be surgically attached to certain muscles of the upper and lower butt to have it fixed in place. This may be of high risk since a deep cutting is needed to have it placed without any irregularities. Anesthesia will be needed during the operation and this of courses has very serious side effects. The recovery period is also a very discomfort since it requires lots of medication and a very high risk of deformation.

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By Fat Transfer

This procedure is commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This is done by removing the body fat of the woman and re-injecting it at the butt. This is done to add mass to the butt. However, this procedure doesn’t always materialize perfectly. There are cases that the butt rejects the injected fat and had it dissolved in the body. This may result to butt cheeks deformation like having one butt cheek bigger than the other. If this occurs, this will require another procedure to be done to fix this irregularity.

By Pills

Another way is by taking oral butt enhancement such as pills. This is much safer compared to surgical procedures. This will require a certain dosage and the drug components will just work their way to the body, merely on the butt. However, this can also lead to some serious side-effects, especially if taken abusively. This can lead to nausea, diarrhea, and more discomforting symptoms. There are also cases that the components of the pill are not applicable to the body which will gain no result at all.

By Cream

This is really the safest among all the butt enhancement procedure. This is applied externally and directly on the body. The skin will absorb the cream and the components of the cream will stimulate some tissue to enlarge the butt. However, this also may not be compatible with some types of body. This can also cause skin irritation and rashes.

Any of the mentioned procedures can really achieve the butt size that you want. It is up to you if you want the risky way or the simpler way. Just make sure to consult an expert of each procedure before deciding to go with a certain procedure. You may check out HipsandBum Blog for more butt enhancement details.

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