The government is continuing with the scheme and with the support of the people a lot of lives have improved hence it has been continued from past so many years. With lot of upgradation done to the existing schemes, amount and to the number of people it should reach. Due to the high cost of living, it has been noticed that the lower strata is worst affected hence to cushion them from this impeding effect.

The coming budget will even better schemes planned out along with the existing BR1M schemes with more subsidies doled out for the lower income group. Those who fall into the group will receive compulsory training so that they make optimum mobilisation of the funds received. In this way the lower income will automatically get a shift from this bracket after their earnings increase.

br1m 2018

The health insurance scheme will also be implemented along with BR1M scheme this way the government will also get rid of the burden on the expenditure of medications which run into billions. This scheme is being reviewed so that many lower income Malaysians receive good health care services.

BR1M scheme is a part of the government’s economic transformation programme wherein they expect the growth to be started right from the lower sections of the society. If the economic conditions of these people improve so will the economy as they are plagued by most of the problems right from lack of proper health care, unemployment, no housing etc.

This scheme is meant to help the rural areas and boost the economy. The lower income groups get hit by the impact of rising costs and they have to cushioned by such schemes which enable them to survive. The subsidies will be made leakage proof so that the rural and urban area people get assistance and there is a multiplier effect and boost to the economy of Malaysia.

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