BLUE is the colour of music

Koreans, specifically South Koreans have a very fun, colourful and lively atmosphere and it definitely translates into the kind of music that they make. K-pop, short for Korean-pop is a good example of that. The music that is K-pop is a combination of fun, upbeat and catchy music with a lot of dancing which is really an embodiment of what South Korea is, in contrast to its neighbouring state.K-pop isn’t only a hit in their country; it’s also making waves in the international music scene as well. One of the up and coming K-pop groups is CNBLUE.

A group of talented and good looking young men that is sure to make any girl’s heart melt, the group consists of Jung Yong Hwa playing the guitar, Lee Jong Hyun also playing the guitar, Kang Min Hyuk providing the awesome and groovy beats with the drums, and last but not the least, Lee Jung Shin playing the bass.


Breaking down CNBLUE

A lot of people might be wondering about CNBLUE and what it stands for. Is it an acronym or it means something much deeper? The latter might be more favourable since the CN in CNBLUE stands for Code Name which translates to Code Name BLUE. Not only that, BLUE is a backronym that represents the traits and characteristics of each band member with Lee Jong Hyun being the B in BLUE meaning “burning”, Kang Min Hyuk being the L which stands for “lovely”, Lee Jung Shin providing the U meaning “untouchable” and lastly, Jung Yong Hwa providing the E meaning “emotional” to complete the group.

If that’s not enough word combinations for you, their fan club’s name is “Boice”, supposedly the combination of the words “Blue” and “Voice”.

Foreign territory

Believe it or not, the group’s first live performance wasn’t in their home turf but rather in a neighbouring country, Japan. The band’s first live performance in Japan alongside 20 other bands marked the beginning of what would be a successful musical journey for the band as the 2010 debut in their home country was a huge success and later on officially debuting in Japan in 2011.

Not only are these musicians talented, they have a big heart as well, constantly donating money and rice to the needy as well as giving a portion of their yearly income as well as all the revenue from their Bluemoon World Tour into making schools in different parts of the world, the first CNBLUE school being in Africa and the second which was erected in 2014, in the Philippines, wherein the school provides meals for the students as well as day care services.