Polygraph Professionalism to Catch a Lie

Lying detection is the use of interrogation techniques to determine the true and false in a response. These are accompanied by the use of technology to record physiological responses. Among these the most common techniques is the polygraph has established the truth that the opportunity rates, but under the precision. It also states that a machine of truth is best for particular events, not personality selection.

What is a polygraph of truth?

When a person takes a polygraph test, four or six times sensors are attached to him / her. As questions are put and the answers are recorded, the sensors measure the following vital signs and recorded on moving paper

  • The respiratory rate of the person
  • The wrist of the person
  • The blood pressure of the person
  • Person sweat.

At the beginning of the test, some simple questions are asked to fix the standards for signals that the person, according to whom the signals for the difficult questions that follow can be read.

lie detector tests

According to psychologists a person who is lying often retracts or jerks in head back or bow down or tilt to sideways. This unusual movement of head happens when a person is expected to reply to some unusual questions.

An individual, who is left handed, moves the eye lids to left and person who is right handed, moves the eyelids to right.

When it comes to difficulties?

When the offense is an “insider job” such as espionage, employee collusion between major and minor personnel, terrorist acts committed with the aid of an initiated, the results are not easy to conclude Also there must be joking.

Ethical acceptance of the polygraph test 

In the United Kingdom, they are not eligible as evidence in a court of law except in the case of sexual offenses and also the use here is highly regulated. Polygraphs are not eligible in a court in America but were immediately after its invention, due to its very divergent precision levels in detecting the lie, in some cases up to 95% and some from a rate opportunity. No one can be forced to undergo a machine test of truth against their will in most countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States. In case of agreement, the process is explained before the test. Costs vary from case to case. It also depends on the position, if the customer is willing to do so at the test provider’s location. But if you pick a place, the cost of shipment of the appliance should have been taken into consideration. Lie detector test is a US-based organization that offers nationwide professional polygraph tests. They have highly qualified examiners and promise accurate, fair and professional evaluations. They have an ethical code that strictly follows.

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