The Future that Awaits Polygraph Testing

You can’t do anything about it. The courts have dispelled the chances of having polygraph testing in its proceedings. On a brighter note, a majority of the police agencies in the US have expressly supported the continued implementation of the use of polygraph testing. Add to this the interest shown by employers to use it in industry – related endeavors, particularly in the hiring process. How about the two – hour struggle that a hurting construction worker had to undergo with the rumor accusing him of being infidel to his girlfriend? He ended paying 550 £ to take the lie detector test only to prove that he was being loyal to her.

These developments give a promising and exciting future for polygraph testing. But how bright is it? Let’s engage in a sort of forecasting.

Admission to Court as Evidence               

While it is known already that courts generally refuse to admit polygraph testing as evidence, it is still possible that this would have a 180 – degree change. Courts would allow the polygraph testing during the proceedings for as long as parties have agreed to have it included in the presentation of evidence. Courts could have this exemption to their strict rule on their refusal to include polygraph testing. Every rule has its exemption. Let this exemption be the leeway for courts to eventually allow or admit polygraph test as a form of evidence.

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Polygraph Test for Employment  

Polygraph testing has already been introduced to employers. In fact, some employers have used the polygraph test already in their respective companies. It is very important that employers are provided with workers with untarnished integrity and credibility. These promote professionalism in the workplace. Having employees who have passed the polygraph test is an indication that employers could be assured of a healthy working environment and a concerted effort to achieve the institutional goals of the company. Certain restrictions, however, are needed for regulation purposes to protect the employees from any form of abuse.

Rebuilding Fallen Relationships

The story of the construction worker and his girlfriend is a very good example of how true love can be proven. In every relationship, there is always the emergence of distrust from one of the parties or both parties. Just like what the worker did, anyone who is accused of infidelity could have himself or herself subjected to a polygraph test.

However, the polygraph test taken by the construction worker was not enough to completely restore the trust of his girlfriend of four years. But don’t you think this serves as the onset of rebuilding fallen relationships?

Solving More Crimes

The use of polygraph test has resulted to fruitful and successful investigation feats. Police investigators recognize the role of polygraph testing in solving crimes. Suspects have admitted to have perpetrated the crimes accused of them. False testimonies or statements paved the way for the arrest of some and the conviction of others. The OJ Simpson case will always be a reminder that polygraph testing could lay the foundation of a good justice system. Who knows?  The 100% accurate will be achieved in years. Polygraph is a form of technology and technology does not stay static.

By Steveh

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