The Terms You Need to Know When Buying a Financial Tombstone

When you or the company you’re connected with commemorates an acquisition, a significant merger, or a financial success, chances are you’re going to relish that moment with a financial tombstone. The item will generally have an acrylic or Lucite construction, and it will usually be at a size where it can clearly be seen from a distance.

Once you or your company decides to get a financial tombstone, chances are you’re going to be confused about the many terminologies for the creation of the commemorative piece. There’s a broad range of sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, and knowing about the terms will get you closer to your ideal corporate tombstone. Here are some of the terms and their meanings that you should know about when buying a financial tombstone.

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Acetate is a clear piece of transparent film, and it’s often used for printing text and graphics that will soon embed in Lucite. When embedded in Lucite, the film will almost disappear, making the text and artwork seem like it’s floating in midair within the financial tombstone. It’s also possible to create a frosted effect with the use of acetate when opting for this design in choosing a corporate tombstone.

 Brass or Aluminum Plate

Acetate isn’t the only material used when printing text and graphics for a financial tombstone. Some tombstones, like financial tombstones #4 design, make use of printing text or graphics on a metal sheet that can either be placed outside or embedded onto your deal present. Brass or aluminum plates are ideal choices for adding a unique and premium look to any corporate tombstone. However, if you’re planning on using Lucite as the primary material for the construction of the deal toy, then know that aluminum is the only metal that can be embedded into it.


Some financial tombstone manufacturers employ the use of sandblasting to create a frosted design on the surface of a crystal or Lucite deal toy. The effect is similar when making use of a frosted direct print. The outcome will display a semi-transparent look, and it’s often utilized to highlight text and graphics that would otherwise be difficult to read if most of the piece is completely transparent.

There are other terminologies that you ought to know and understand so that you’ll get the design for a financial tombstone that fits your specific requirements. If you’re having trouble with understanding what a specific term means, then don’t hesitate to ask a reliable corporate tombstone maker.

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