Retina Related Diseases You Must Know

The retina serves as the image detector of our eyes. Once light had passed through the cornea and lens, the retina will form the image it has received and will send nerve impulse through the optic nerve towards the brain.

Like any other body parts, the retina can gain diseases that may range from minor to major. These diseases may be curable and incurable. Here are some retina related diseases that you must know.

Retinal Degeneration

Retinal Degeneration is also called rhodopsin mutation. It occurs when the cells of the retina deteriorate. It means that cells in that particular area are dying or had been already dead. This can result in blurry vision and even total blindness if not treated immediately. However, the retinal degeneration is not only a disease itself but it also generates other retinal diseases.


Retinoblastoma is the malignant cancer of the eye. It is a form of cancer that rapidly spreads out in the retinal tissue. This disease is a genetic mutation and it is also hereditary. It is more common in young children. Though most children survive this disease, however, the eye must be removed in order to avoid a further spread out of the cancer cells.

Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment occur when the retina was moved from its normal position. The retina may be either lifted or pulled from its original place. This may also refer to as the breaking or tear of the retina. This can result in blurry visions and improper image detection. This commonly occurs to people who are over the age of 40 and more on males rather than females.


Retinopathy refers to the damage of the retina that was caused by an irregular flow of blood in the eyeball. This disease is commonly caused by diabetes and it commonly occurs in adults, especially those adults who are working. It is also known as the retinal vascular disease and it can also be contagious to neighboring eye parts such as the macula

Having knowledge about these retinal diseases will make you be more concerned about taking care of your eyes. Remember that the retina has a major role in our eyes. It directly affects the eyesight. In order for the ophthalmologist to determine which retinal disease that the patient has, he uses retinal cameras to get an inside image of the retina and the other eye parts beside it.


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