A lot of people might have watched Bradley Cooper’s movie, Limitless, where he starred as the protagonist who unlocked the secret to becoming extra smarter by taking pills that are believed to make a person cognitively sharp.

That movie was inspired by the real-life smart enhancing drug called nootropic, which is a class of drug that is developed to boost memory and cognitive function and capacity of a person, which is used by people who totally have a normal and healthy brain function.

Those who tried using nootropics believed or rather insisted that the effects are nowhere either near to what Cooper’s character portrayed but, they admitted that the effects of the drug was fairly subtle and somewhat have the effects of caffeine but there were some effects that make the person using it to become more productive, more creative and accurate on the tasks that they are doing.

A lot of young professionals, particularly those who have tons of workloads are the usual users of nootropics. However, there is no clear evidence where the nootropic source comes from, meaning, there is no exact pharmaceutical company that claimed that it is manufacturing brain-boosting drugs to people, although there are some websites in the internet that sell it via online it does not have a concrete physical address either complete registration and licenses to operate and manufacture drug.

Aside from professionals, athletes, and students are also hooked up to using this to keep them one foot forward in their tasks. According to some surveys being done by medical experts, athletes who took nootropic supplement felt more focused, and sharp in decision-making processes during their games and training. There are no concrete details if nootropics are part of the banned substance in any sporting or athletic commissions while students confessed that they can stay up awake for extended hours even which makes them productive with their studies.

cure sleeping disorder

One of the most prominent brands or product of nootropic is the Nuvigil which is clinically known as armodafinil which is a wakefulness-promoting drug that is taken orally through pills.

When used medically, Nuvigil is for the treatment of sleep apnea or narcolepsy, a certain condition about the sleeping disorder. Narcolepsy is the inability of a person to control their sleepiness or drowsiness at any given time of the day. Usually, these people fell asleep without even noticing it, and not intended to fall asleep. This can be treated with a proper dosage of Nuvigil.

However, Nuvigil cannot be purchased over the counter or any pharmacy considering that this drug has side effects if taken without any administration either prescription. People who have rashes is strictly prohibited from taking Nuvigil because it has allergic reactions to it which makes the condition worse.

The side effects include severe fever, face swelling and tongue, mouth sores, breathing trouble, yellowing of eyes and skin and skin blistering which if not taken care of medically, it can cause death.

Which takes us back to the importance of obtaining a proper prescription from a doctor and proper Nuvigil dosage. Nuvigil is originally developed to cure sleeping disorder and promote wakefulness and was not considered as a supplement to boost-brain capabilities that is why before taking this drug as a nootropic, you should think twice about the consequences that you might encounter along the way despite the promises it holds to those who want to become cognitively enhanced.

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