Three Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Warts

Struggling with warts? Sometimes you just get rid of one and another pops out. This is really irritating. Warts are caused due to HPV and it is difficult to get them kicked out without any help.  Fortunately, there are numerous remedies that can help you in getting rid of the ugly skin tags that appears anywhere on your skin like hands, feet, eye lids, genital areas etc. some remedies might have side effects and can lead to pain and irritation.  It chining is another problem that people face.  You must not touch them as they get spread on the other parts and can also affect otherpeople who come in contact with the infected area.  Here are few natural wart removal methods that can help you.

natural wart removal

  1. Garlic is a well known treatment as it is making for the affected area. Youcanalso take it as a pill when you are suffering from flu or cold. Cut the clovehalf and rub it on the affected area. You will be surprised to see the results.  Use it when you are at home to avoid the smell irritating others.
  2. Tea tree oil so another way to get rid of these skin problems. Many people use it to treat different skin problems like heat rash and acne. It can also treat warts individually. There are antiseptic properties that prevent infections, soothe the affected skin and clears infection without causing any side effects.  Just make sure that you are using good quality tea tree oil and it should not be diluted. You must apply it twice with a tip of cotton.
  3. Pineapple is another sure shot method because of the numerous natural acids present in pineapple.  Apply it on the affected area to get rid of the warts. You can get a pure pineapple juice and apply it as many times you can and see

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