Uses of pregnancy pillow

As women go through the phase of pregnancy they find it difficult to sleep at night. This happens mainly because of the constant changes in their bodies and due to constant weight gain. Women have to face leg cramps and back pain making it more difficult for them to sleep. One solution for this problem is pregnancy pillow.

pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows are pillows that are quite large in size; they are U shaped, wedge shaped or bean shaped. These pregnancy pillows provide a lot of comfort and help in sleeping at night.

Benefits of pregnancy pillows

  • Provide body support- The pregnancy pillow provides support to the stomach, neck, legs, shoulders and back. Women who suffer from neck and back pain should use this while ling in theri bed or couch. A good pregnancy pillow also helps in improving the alignment of the hip, shoulders and spine.
  • Gives a good sleep- It is important for the women to sleep well as lack of sleep can cause problem for the baby. So by using a pregnancy pillow pregnant women can get rid of the discomfort and pain that they have to through. These pillows also help the baby to reach the best birth position. Women can relax and sleep well with the baby pillow.
  • Women stay calm- Usually women become irritable during this phase; they become anxious and worried because of lack of sleep. The use of pregnancy pillow can help the women in becoming calm and composed.
  • Baby support- Even after the baby is born, women can use pregnancy pillow to support the baby while feeding.
  • Improves blood circulation- A pregnancy pillow helps the pregnant women to relax their hip and back while sleeping. This helps in improving the blood circulation.

It is highly recommended for the pregnant women to use pregnancy pillows for their own health and their baby’s health.