A lot more about typical bail bond company

Bond systems are established for a very important reason: to ensure that the arrested person is brought to his scheduled court hearing. This is a hearing where you will receive a decision, be it a prison, a community service, a trial period, all three or something else. Everything depends on the crime and the criminal history of the accused. Understanding the bond process helps families and respondents prepare for what needs to happen and how to deal with the situation in the prison in general.

Commitment process

The first thing that usually happens after a person is arrested and incarcerated is for a family member, a friend or a lawyer to contact the bail bonds orange county located near the prison to help bail. Then, as soon as the warranty agent is notified, agents begin to gather as much information as possible to determine if this is really the case they wish to accept. They will request employment controls, contact information, the charges they are arresting, the crime history and more.

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Then, if the release agent is ready to accept the case, several family members, lawyer or friend will review and sign several documents. The first document is the Agreement on the exemption of the payment of the pledge, and then the application form for the issuance of a guarantee, as well as a confirmation of the purchase, signed as receipt.

For people who have been arrested and are trying to get out of prison, the guarantor will be sent to jail to speak in person with the person arrested. The same process will be carried out, but in prison, and not on commission. They can even offer their services by fax and email to the prison.

Once all this information has been collected and the documents have been signed, it takes only a few hours to release the respondent. The agent simply has to start “posting” the bond in the prison. Some prisons are stubborn and will respond to their time, which may take longer, but in most cases they are cooperative. Once this is done, the defendant will be released and will be free to go anywhere, but the bail agreement is expected to be shown on the future trial date. If they do not appear at this court hearing, the sheriff’s agency will send the bounty hunter and the arrest warrant will be reprinted. Then they will have to start all the tests again, but with worse consequences.

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