Tips For House Training Domestic Animals

Adopting a new pet can be extremely exciting, but many times people do not consider all the responsibilities that go along with caring for a pet. Believe it or not, this task will be ongoing and you will be the only one responsible for ensuring your new pet’s happiness, health and safety. One of first things you will need to do is house train the pets to either go to a pad, outdoors or litter box. Below, you will discover several tips for house training domestic animals.

Buying Cleaning Supplies

Young kittens and puppies are going to have mishaps from time to time, especially within the first few days of purchase. So, you will need to stop up on cleaning supplies. Now, you will have the option of cleaning the messes with homemade cleaning and stain removers or store bought cleaning products. If you prefer the homemade cleaning products, you should start by investing in baking soda, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid. These three items will not only remove urine from carpet and hardwood flooring, but also remove set-in stains.

There are various brand products on the market that are designed specially for cleaning animal urine and feces. You will have the option of investing in liquid or power form cleaning products. However, some people prefer utilizing a mixture of both just to ensure all the messy liquids and solids are completely eliminated.

automatic dog feeder

Buying Pet Supplies

Once you are fully stopped up on cleaning supplies, it will be time to visit the pet shop. Here, you will find a wide array of products that are specifically designed for young kittens and puppies. Be sure to pick up a bed, automatic dog feeder, water bowl, food and a small toy.

If your new pet is a kitten, you will need to purchase some litter and litter box. Most people do not want their pet to explore the outdoors, so they will need these items for potty time. To save yourself some money and trouble on down the road, you should go ahead in buy a large adult-size litter box. The small kitten will not have any issue climbing into or jumping out of the box, regardless of its size. If you are considered about the height of the box, you can also create a makeshift ramp for the kitten out of a piece of plywood.

The only thing you will need for a puppy is wee pads and you will even need these, if you are committed to taking the dog outside every few hours. However, most people work a full-time job, so they are forced to rely on wee pads, while they are away from the home.

House Training The Kitten

House training a kitten is most often a breeze, because they will almost instantly find the litter box and access it as often as needed. Just be sure to place the litter box in a location, where the kitten some have a bit of privacy and peace. Avoid areas like the laundry room or bathroom, because these places can be extremely busy and loud, especially when the washer and dryer are in full operation.

You will need to place the kitten in the litter box as soon as he/she wakes up, after consuming a meal and every few hours. Kittens will eventually become familiar with the process and do it themselves without your assistance.

House Training A Puppy

House training a puppy is much more difficult than house training a kitten. Puppies can be a little more stubborn, so you will have a bit of work ahead of you. The key is to keep the puppy on a routine feeding and potty break schedule. Just like the kitten, you will need to routinely take the puppy out as soon as it wakes up, before going to bed and at least every two hours. Also, about 15 to 30 minutes after the puppy consumes a meal.

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