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Tips on How to Select A Condo Unit in Singapore

Buying a condo unit will be one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. You know that it will be a worthy investment but you are adamant to make a decision because of many valuable considerations. If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask for help or advice.

Apart from hearing pieces of advice, you can read different materials online on how to select a condo unit in Singapore like Twin View. Here are some tips that you consider when selecting a condo unit:

convenience of the condo unit

Determine the right condo type for you

The developers will present to you different types of a condo. Making a decision based on what type you need is not very hard. You can choose from studio units, bedroom units, loft, and penthouse. If you are a couple starting out, studio unit is an excellent choice but if you are looking to expand your space because of the growing family, bedroom units and loft are best for you.

Accessibility and convenience of the condo unit

All condominiums promise convenience that is why service elevators are utilized. You have to know how many elevators the building features because you do not want to spend more time in the lobby waiting for your turn. If you find that elevators are not sufficient versus the overall population of the building, you should consider choosing a unit on the first three floors.

Check the security measures of the building

Security is very important, especially for condominiums. Remember that many people can get inside. Singapore is pretty safe but you do not know when people have evil intentions. Check if the building has 24/7 security guard as well as security cameras and individual unit lock system.

Security always comes with safety. Checking the evacuation plan of the building is not a bad thing. When selecting a unit, do not opt for higher floors, as you will have a hard time evacuating when calamities strike.

Check the parking space allotment

The parking space of a condo building depends on the developer. It can be beneath the building or an adjacent structure. You should also determine if the developer requires a monthly payment of the space allotted or it is part of what you paid for. There are developers who allow a space depending on the bedroom number. If you have a car, these are the things that you need to consider.

Do not rush because if you do, you might end up regretting. The price of the unit will also depend on the things mentioned above. Do not go overboard especially if you already have a budget in mind.

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