Choose the right baby fles

Mother’s milk is the best milk a mother can give to her child but after a certain age or a few months it is also necessary for the mothers to give the child milk from the fles. What is fles? Baby bottles are known as fles in Dutch. So no matter whether you breast feed your child or not, there comes a time when you have to use a baby fles. But with time there not one bottle to feed the child but there are different varieties of bottles with which one can feed their child; choosing the right bottle or fles is important. The process of buying a baby fles in itself is quite taxing and prolonged.


Modern baby fles range from plain bottles to designed ones; so here are a few options to choose from:

  • Standard baby bottle- A standard baby bottle is the same bottle that we have seen over the years; they are straight neck bottles. These are cheap and can be found almost everywhere; they have a simple design that is why these bottles are easy to clean and they can also be easily sterilized.
  • Angled baby bottle- These bottles have a visible bend in the neck of the bottle; this bend is there to keep the nipple filled with milk and this bend also prevent the air bubbles from getting trapped. This helps prevent baby from swallowing air which is a good thing.
  • Wide neck baby bottle- The neck of this bottle is wider than that of a standard baby bottle; this bottle is best for those mothers who wish to switch back and forth from wide neck bottles to breast feeding.

So whichever baby fles you choose just be sure of keeping your baby’s need in mind while choosing it.

By Steveh

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