Different guitar kits and steps to build your own guitar

 A guitar is readily available to purchase. However, if you ask those you love to play guitar, they also would love to build their own guitar. With a guitar kit in hand, though not an easy task, guitar players would love to craft it on their own and shape it as per their wish. It does take some patience, efforts and time; however, it is still easy to build your own guitar with no compromises on anything.

Guitar kits:

There are about 9 types of guitar and each play music differently. Below are some most famous types of guitar preferred with a description on their difference.

  1. Acoustic guitar: There are 2 types of acoustic guitars. One with steel strings and the other is the classical guitar which has nylon strings.
  1. Electric guitar: They are plugged into an amplifier to make a sound which is metallic and lengthy. With strings closer to the neck and thinner than acoustic guitar, they need less force.
  1. Electro-acoustic guitar: They give neutral sound with little alternation to acoustic tone. It’s an all wood construction with necks have access to super easy playing and action.

Building your guitar:

AS you proceed to build a guitar, you should first know the parts of the guitar and then check for the items in your kit followed by some tools, oil, wiring items that you may need.

  1. Start by sanding to remove any scratches followed by finishing your guitar with its paint and oil which would depend on the type of guitar you have chosen.
  2. Your guitar may already have some drills in place, if not then you may have drill after measuring the depth of the screw and remember to lubricate it before you do so.
  3. Prepare the neck by installing the tuners and nuts.
  4. Now install the guitar’s hardware like string grommets and tremolo claw on back of the guitar.
  5. Now install the neck on guitar.
  6. Set up the bridge
  7. Finish by shielding
  8. Add the wiring and electronics
  9. Complete the build with strings and set up.

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