How To Avoid Being The Target Of A Street Robber

Many people would argue that it is not in the hands of a person whether or not he or she would be a target of a robber. However, even when a robber plans to rob, he’d want to take chances only if it is worth it. There’s some common sense and some psychological aspects that play a role in making the robber make a decision. If you avoid doing some of the things, you can save yourself from being a prey to a robber.

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Look confident

This is plain psychology. People often don’t want to mess with someone who looks confident and feels like a threat. A robber would rather target a person who already looks a little insecure, scared, and too protective and cautious while on the street. This is why you should walk with a sense of confidence on the street. Your body language should be such that you look prepared and alert without looking scared. For an extra dash of confidence, you can carry a keychain pepper spray to stay safe.

Make a sensible money withdrawal

If you plan to withdraw money, do it from an ATM that is closest to your place. Also, when you withdraw a lot of money for some purpose, you should take a cab instead of traveling through public transport. When you travel by a bus or metro, you can easily be a target for a robber and might end up losing your money. This is a good precautionary step that you can take.

Take care of yourself

Oftentimes people just tuck their wallets and phones in their back pockets and totally forget about it. Lack of alertness only creates chances of a loss for you. While you are on road, you are responsible for everything that you carry and can’t blame anyone. This is why, keep your phone, wallet, and other precious belongings safely when you are walking on the street or traveling through public transport.

Plan your route

We’re blessed with technology. This is why when you go to a place for the first time, plan your route before you go. Choose routes that are well-lit and are a little crowded. Avoid taking deserted roads or the ones which seem shady. Keeping in crowds help you seek help easily if something goes wrong. Book using trusted cab agencies and choose routes that have CCTVs.

By Steveh

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