Necessity of using Dr Brown bottles

It is a baby bottle designed by American doctor Craig Brown’s with a patented valve system which is used to drink the liquid directly from it. It is provided with a patented valve system that contributes to the health of babies. As we already know that it is similar to breast feeding as it is a unique advantage to be used for both mother and baby.

Designing of a Dr Brown fles: These bottles may be designed to attach directly to a breast pump for a complete feeding system. It even maximizes the reuse of the components. In fact some systems include a variety of drinking spouts for when the child is older in age. Depending upon the age there are huge varieties of bottles available in the market based on its size and its required measurements. Like the bottles shape can be converted into a cup. It looks like a cup with a lid and spout for toddlers. It even acts as an intermediate between a baby bottle and an open top cup. These Bottles are specified as a part of a feeding system that may include handles which can be attached. Besides that the ring and teat may also be replaced by a storage lid.

dr Brown fles

How is it helpful? If you are feeding your baby, then you are indulging in an activity of mixing baby milk or formula with a thickening agent that means if you are using a thick anti-reflux formula. Consider the cap of a bottle which probably allows for a faster flow of the fluid during feeding. This is an innovative vent system when the air never mixes with the breast milk of fluid. So that oxidation is not allowed to occur. This Oxidation reduces helpful vitamins and lipids from milk. So that is why it should be mostly avoided if possible. The utilization of Dr Brown fles bottles is awesome that satisfy specific needs. They even reduce gas problem, colic, and ear infections while maintaining nutrients. If the oxidation is eliminated then these bottles is very helpful for maintaining vitamins like A, C and E. In addition to that, the lack of oxidation helps to preserve lipid sand the required good fats that your baby needs.

During journey times, these bottles never encounter a problem because the storage caps also make the use of the bottles easier to put into a diaper bag when you are on the go, and they fit the bottles as well. Moreover they are not very difficult to use and even more they make the lives of both babies and parents better and comfortable.