Phaiser BHS-750 – the noticeable features

Though Phaiser has been in the business only since 2014, there are many models available to choose from. They come with cutting edge technology that is wireless and are very comfortable to wear for long hours. Phaiser headsets are good for those workouts and even for others. One of the models of Phaiser is their Phaiser BHS-750 which has good technology and is good for sports persons. Read more to check its features.


PhaiserBHS-750 comes with a case, which has 6 pairs of ear buds and five pairs of winged tips so that you can pair them as per your choice and comfort. You get 2 clips to fix the metallic design. There is a charger that comes with it too.

  1. Earphones: They come with a simple wire that has magnetic design of ear phones. The ear phones come with winged earphones that fit comfortably and securely in the ears. This makes workout very comfortable. Just wear these over the neck and you won’t even feel them. They look so stylish and cool as well. Phaiser guarantees to replace the earbuds in case of damage caused due to sweat. The use of Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity ensures that the sound is smoothly transferred from device to the headphones and gives a very natural feel. The bass effect makes the sound even more powerful and it works really well over a call also.

The tips of the ear buds are made from foam, which helps in noise isolation and that makes sound even more wonderful. The design of the winged earphones sits comfortably over the ears and hence it is best suited to those who go through a rigorous workout.

  1. Sound: It has HD stereo sound technology with 8mm speakers that give good HD sound and has a powerful bass. The memory foam tips provide noise isolation and add to the bass sound in these headphones.
  2. Accessible buttons: It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and visible level of battery. This allows you to know the level of battery and when to charge. With the Omni controls in line, there are buttons in a row with an on/off button and volume adjustment buttons.

There is an inbuilt HD microphone is used for phone calls. The speakers give good sound.

These pair of headsets is made of Liquipel technology that ensures safety from water damage. This also means that they absorb all the sweat during your workout. This is also a reason for many to like these quality headphones during workouts.

Overall these pair of headphones is simple, yet come with a good inbuilt technology and delivers great quality of sound along with comfort that is great for workouts or otherwise also.

By Steveh

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