The advantages of building a guitar yourself

Ah the electric guitar, probably one of the most famous and iconic musical instruments of all time. Made popular by legendary guitar icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Steve Vai, YngwieMalmsteen (although he can be quite cocky sometimes), Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci and the likes made us want to go out and buy electric guitars in the hopes that we can be as good as them one day.

These electric guitars though, especially the signature models can be quite expensive and sometimes insanely priced. The next best thing though is to buy the lower end models and mod them to make it sound as close to the higher end or signature models as much as possible. The cheaper way to go about this is getting a build it yourself electric guitar kit and start from there.

 A blank canvas

When getting a build it yourself kit, you’re basically getting a blank canvas of an electric guitar which you can customize up to any extent you want. You can go minimalist or even go bat poop crazy and create a partscaster of some sort. It all comes down to what you really want and are comfortable playing in.

A cheaper alternative, especially if you are just starting

Let’s say you have experience in playing an electric guitar, take note, “playing”. But have you actually ever had experience in taking the guitar apart and putting it back together, as well as the electronics inside it? You’d be surprised as to how many guitar players haven’t actually had any sort of experience in tinkering with their guitar and its parts. They usually go to local luthiers to get the job done. So, if you want to start learning the basics, getting a build it yourself kit is the thing for you. As mentioned above, the parts come disassembled as well as the electronics unconnected yet. This gives you the chance to get yourself acquainted with the various wooden and electronic parts the guitar is comprised of. You wouldn’t want to risk taking apart a $3000 guitar now, would you?

Upgrade options without the hassle of taking apart stuff

When you order a build it yourself guitar, you can actually order the upgrades you would want to put in as well. From pickups to tuners to pots to knobs to bridge to saddles, heck, you can choose to upgrade everything except the wooden parts if you want. Let’s say you want to change your tuning pegs, the advantage of this is you wouldn’t need to remove your guitar strings as compared to changing tuners on a guitar that’s already set up.

Getting a build it yourself guitar kit gives you the advantage of choosing any body shape that you want (you can even reshape it, just a bit) as well as getting the finish of your liking. Basically you can make it look like anything that you want it to be. Butterscotch blonde Les Paul? No problem! Basically the build it yourself kit gives you free reign to do whatever modification you want with the guitar, it’s cheap too! So if you make a mistake, you can buy another one. You can never have “too many” guitars anyway.

By Steveh

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