Make an informed choice with us in buying digital NV Rifle scopes

Night-vision scopes aren’t new to this generation. Digital night-vision scopes have become parts of our life in a variety of our activities like hunting, security, research and hobby. While it is easy to familiarize with the technologies involved in the making of all new versions of night-vision scopes, choosing the best among the multitude is rather difficult and time consuming. But not anymore. Our most researched and well written review of the best digital night vision scope will be the savior here.

Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Even though multiple brands and models are available with claims of class-leading features and innovative technologies not all are perfect for the purpose. Our most spot-on scrutiny lists Sightmark SM18008 Photon XT Digital Night Vision Riflescope on top of the list of the best digital night vision scope available now.

Sightmark is a name that users usually aasociate with precision and quality. The Photon night vision riflescope is one of their latestnew-gen digital night vision devices. Equipped with a built-in 810nm LED infrared emitter that can be used for both day and night vision, Sightmark Photon takes the purpose of a riflescope to a whole new level.

The integrated weaver rail being the standard in riflescope market, this device can be mounted on to your equipment.Sight mark Photon claims to be a night vision riflescope primarily. But it offers higher magnification of 4.6x and resolution of 38 lines per mm. Hence it is perfectly made to meet the specific needs. The added features and safety measures makes it the best digital night vision scope.

Sightmark Photon has an LCD screen with a field of view of 7.5 degrees and a focusing range of 10 m to infinityto display objects in clear contrast. The range of detection is perfectly adequate with 130-120 yd/m. Its capability to record videos makes it go steps ahead of its claimed objectives.

Optics is the heart of all riflescopes. The 42mm objective lens and a digital reticle that features 6 varying color styles make this device ideal for its purpose.  The 2 crossbow reticles, 2 Duplex reticles, 1 Mil-Dot reticle and 1 German style reticle offers a plethora of choice which is unique in its class. The superior quality lens can resist bright-light exposure making the device self-protective too.

Its shockproof construction associated with dependable weatherproof design makes it extremely versatile and unconditioned. The glass-nylon composite metal that forms the outer body is not just light but also strong and durable. This unique built makes it the best digital night vision scope for easy handling.

The perfect technology that goes into this device gives 33% longer battery life than its competitors. It can accommodate 2 AA batteries that can last up to 5 hours without the use of IR. Hence this is a complete package in a compact design.