5 growth hacking tools for B2B marketers

one of the most wide-spread secrets of small business start-ups is growth hacking. The term, is really about employing creative techniques that can grow a business inthe most efficient and rapid way possible. B2B marketers can gain valuable information about the customers and their purchasing patterns by combining tools that help them measure the efficiency of their digital marketing strategy. Growth hack provides different tricks to improve your customer base and online visibility to measure your success.

Building trust

In B2B marketing, you need to give your customer a reason to trust you. No one will convert on your home page to become a customer, without trusting your offer.When it comes to web content, buyers have little patience and don’t trust websites full of distractions such as; Poorly written content or lack of contact info or messaging. You have to serve up authentic messages on focusing your customer pain points, and put the spotlight on what solution you offer. Then your target people will be more willing to trust you.

Offer detailed guides

There is aneed of sharing a guideto make people understand what you sell and how to buy. This might take you as long as writing 5-10 posts but it will probably be more powerful and lead to a static traffic. Similar to eBooks, you can ask visitors to sign-up their email in order to download the guide as PDF or access advanced chapters.

Comparing products

One of the best performing content types is a comparison between different tools. These posts attract lots of readers and rank high on Google. The best thing about these post is that you get readers the clarity that need to choose.Adding a paragraph about how your product integrates and supports the product is a direct way to gain great leads.

Post explainer video

One of the most popular and successful ways of utilizing video in a B2B marketing strategy is by creating an explainer video. This type of video content usually takes the form of a story to inform the potential customer about your product or service, your unique value proposition, and exactly how it will benefit them.

Repurpose your content

You don’t have to keep writing out new content. You can repurpose old content in to new form,

especially if it is useful and popular. Try converting a blog post into aslide share presentation. You can do this continually to create diverse and easy to understand content for your readers. You can getuser feedback of your site at earlier or later stages, which helps you to know about customer desire and all these tactics of growth hacking tools helps in effective marketing to increase growth.

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