Affordable Sony E Mount Full Frame Wide Angle Lens

An E-Mount Full Frame Lenses System are mostly used by photographers this day. But what does it exactly mean? Sony is the brand that developed the E-mount System. This is mainly for their ILCE and NEX cameras. The main reason for using an E-mount system is for you to maintain the advantages of the 35mm sensor but using a smaller camera.

            This system is believed to be the best of this type and is most favored by professional photographers. An E-mount system has three different elements for this advantage. It eliminates the manual aperture and focuses drive for a much smaller size of the internal components. The flange focal distance is also reduced to 18mm as well as the flange radius.

E-Mount System Compatibility.

            The E-mount system is specifically designed for cameras made by Sony. It is compatible with the latest cameras in the market today but is only limited to the products of the said brand. The E-mount system is in high-quality that greatly impressed professional photographers.

The Best Sony E-Mount Lenses

            Sony mirrorless cameras should have the best Sony E mount full frame wide angle lens for wide angle, portrait, and telephoto shots. The new mirrorless cameras by Sony usually comes with kit lenses, but it is still best to use E-mount lenses for superb optical performance and for you to produce better images. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur photographer or an experienced veteran.

  • Sony 10 – 18mm f/4 OSS

            This lens is popular as a travel zoom and prime portrait lens. It is sharp and has a minimum to none distortion. It can focus quickly and weighs only 7.9 ounces. This is basically lighter than other lenses for DSLRs. This is the top wide-angle lens for Sony E-mount and is essential for landscape photography.

  • Sony Vario – Tessar T*E 16-70mm f/4 OSS

            If you have a camera body, just attach this lens and you’re good to go! You will surely have impressive image quality from 24-105mm for the landscape to portrait shots.

  • Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS

            Are you shooting portraits? Then you should know that you need this lens to complete your set up. This prime lens is known to be sharp and performs perfectly in low light. This lens also has OSS image stabilization.

When buying a Sony E-Mount lens, you should consider some factors. Do your research about the advantage and disadvantages of the product. Always remember that the Sony E-Mount system is only compatible with Sony cameras and nothing else.