Avast Anti Virus

Advancements in computer and internet technology has made life simpler for many. But every technology comes with a flip side as well. Internet opens doors to certain unwanted invaders which pose threat to your personal data and other documents. These threats are called viruses, worms, trojans, malware and ransomware to name a few. They attack by deleting files, accessing your personal data and corrupting your system. In some cases a Trojan horse gets into your system in order to release malicious payload that can attack your personal data. Not only these of late ransomware attacks have also come into light. When such attacks happen there is a message displayed on the system asking for a ransom to regain access of the computer. In such a scenario it becomes imperative to use an antivirus software in order to protect the computers and loosing data. Now what exactly is an antivirus software?

avast darmowy

It is nothing but a set of programs decided to prevent virus, ransomware, malware and other such attacks on your computer systems. There is no standard set of viruses that attack as everyday there are varied viruses that find their way. Hence it is important that the antivirus is kept up to date to deal with any kind of threat. One such well known and commonly used one is avast antivirus. The software works effectively on all platforms that is windows, Mac OS and android. It is efficient I dealing with all kinds of internet threats and provides features like browser security, antivirus, firewall, anti phasing and anti spam. Since there are new threats making way through the internet every day the company keeps updating their software by adding new features regularly. Like of late they have added a new feature called the webcam shield. This prevents unauthorised access of the webcam preventing capturing of images and videos outside your knowledge. Hence by looking at the threats we can say that it is very important to have a good antivirus installed at all times.