Bosch 1617EVSK, A Stand Alone Router for the Professionals

The Bosch 1617EVSK   is an excellent router that has a built-in router lift. It has both Plunge and Fixed variable speed router kit. It takes a slightly soft start and has a fixed base system by adjusting bit height option from an above router table. The variable speed is around 8,000 to 25,000 RPM.

The fixed base has threaded holes of 4-hole Bosch patterns and 3-hole common patterns to a router table position. It has a dust seal power switch option that gives accurate and clean results. It weights about 19.5lbs.It consists of 2 wrenches for the bit changes. It can do the routing job much faster and in an efficient manner.

Bosch 1617EVSK Fixed-Base Variable Speed Router Kit 

The Kit is a complete packages and it includes all types of trimmings for the router. It handles the wide range applications from plunge cuts to the fixed-base routing kit.

Bosch 1617EVS

The Bosch 1617EVSK Plunge and the fixed-base variable speed router kit contain the following features.

  • It possessed an EVS Motor (16176)
  • It has a fixed base (RA1161) and a fixed base clip shield.
  • The Plunge base is RA1166.
  • It consists of a plunge base chip shield too.
  • A unique feature of T-handle hex height-adjustment power wrench system.
  • Has also a rugged carrying case.
  • It has a box contains different collets sizes that have the self releasing collect chucks of ½ inch and ¼ inch.
  • Have bit change wrenches of a comfortable forged 16mm and a 24mm.
  • Also allows micro fine depth adjustments
  • It’s a self releasing chunks collection router.
  • The two wrenches ergonomic and the forged bit change of 16 mm and 24 mm.

Some Key Features:

  • It allows quick access to the users at a precise time.
  • Easily adjustable for both base modes.
  • It is a well balanced router that can make very smooth cuts.
  • Gives quicker and finer results.
  • Easy to use a circle cutter.
  • It’s not noisy can work quietly with a low vibration.
  • The price is fairly affordable.
  • The buying components are worthwhile as kit saves a lot of time.

Some Drawbacks

  • Has a rugged carrying case.
  • It is heavy to use because of its weight that is its major drawback. But the users can find a solid surface to adjust it.

Why one should prefer this Wood Router?

Bosch 1617EVS is a standalone product with a complete package for the users to do some professional work. Moreover, it has a one year warranty after purchasing. The users can get mores clean and accurate results each time they use it.

This router is the best option for the workshop applications and the professional who want different professional designing through wood routers.

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