Bundesliga in the palm of your hands

We all know that football fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans in the realm of ball sports or in any sport for that matter. Often times they even have fan clubs to support their beloved teams. This kind of support from fans is hard to top. Which is why when an avid Bundesliga fan misses a game, he or she really feels bad about it.

Worry not fellow fans, since your cries have been heard. There is now an app that lets you in on all the juicy fußball news and updates happening in the Bundesliga. Here’s the kicker, if ever in the unfortunate event that you can’t get to see your favorite team play live for some reason, this app provides you with real time in game updates so you won’t get to really miss the game.

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Real time updates at the palm of your hands

The developers of this app may just share your sentiments when it comes to football, that may be why this app was created. Football fans “need” to watch the live games of their favorite teams. If in any case you aren’t able to watch it, this app will be your saviour in your time of need. It offers real time updates as the game unfolds, from scores to penalties to commentaries, you’ve got it all. Never miss the action again with this app.

Get to know anything and everything about the league

Aside from getting real time updates during game day, this app also provides you with news and updates about the Bundesliga daily, as well as all the updates and interviews of your favourite clubs and players, notifying you via push notification. Keep yourself in the loop with current league news and updates wherever, whenever.

Stats are everything

Aside from the contents mentioned above, this app also lets you view the stats of the teams and the players post game so you could find out which team or player has the most scores or better passing ratio for whatever reason you may have.

In depth additional content

Aside from all the previous features mentioned above, it might not be enough for you to just get real time updates during game day. Worry not since there are videos about the best game plays and the winning goal that you can watch over and over and over again, as well as interviews with the players and a few behind the scene videos so you would never miss out on anything.

This app is surely designed and developed by football fans, for football fans. It provides you with all the in depth news you need to know about the Bundesliga aside from getting real time in game updates during game days of your favorite team. Never again miss out on game day with this app anywhere, anytime, at the palm of your hands.

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