Most popular wood routers of 2017

In case you’re in the market for another router, you’re in good hands. Selection, costs, highlights—and the routeres themselves—are better than expected. Be that as it may, having a more extensive selection and assortment of features additionally makes picking the best woodroutermore confusing than it used to be. What’s more, that is the purpose behind this article.

We’ll concentrate on “medium size” routers in the 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 hp range. Routers of this size are the do-anything utility players in many shops, sufficiently powerful to turn the greatest bits however little enough for comfortable handling.

Skil 1817 fixed-base router

This router has what it takes to do 90 percent of your routing assignments at a decent cost. You get some good-to-have elements, for example, a miniaturized adjustment and steady speed. At 9.5 amps, this is the least amp router in our list, which, now and again, implies making an additional pass or two when utilizing the greater bits.

Drill Master 68341 fixed-base router

A basic blend of ease and high power makes this routera honest deal. It even has a few additional items like a spindle lock for simpler bit changes and a miniaturized modification feature. Our exclusive complain is the absence of variable speed.

Bosch 1617EVS

Porter-Cable 690 fixed-base router

This basic, tried and tested workhorse has been a loved master for a considerable length of time. Be that as it may, it needs some of the refinements found on some other expert review routers, for example, over the-table height change for router tables.

Ridgid R2200 fixed-base router

This is one of the best wood router, and can deal with any routing errand and has loads of additional items of all shapes and sizes: over the-table height modification, consistent speed with rpm explained on the dial, delicate start, micro-adjustment, even inherent LED work lights.

Milwaukee 5615-20 fixed-base router

This is an amazing pro-graderouter with over the-table height modification and micro-adjustment. What’s more, we adore the remarkable adjustable strap that takes into consideration comfortable one-hand operation.

Skil 1830 combo-base router

This is an incredible combo kit at an extraordinary cost and incorporates simple-to-utilize micro-adjustments on both bases, delicate start and LED light. It needs over the-table height alteration, however.

Craftsman 27683 combo-base router

This package offers the highest amp rating in our roundup, and a huge amount of features like over the-table height adjustments, consistent speed, soft beginning, micro-alterations on the fixed base and LED lights. And allof that at a fabulous cost.

DeWalt DW616PK combo-base router

This is a rough, professional review pack, heavy duty and well-designed through and through; however it does not have some good to-have highlights like over the-table height modification.

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