Why Growth Hacking is as awesome as it sounds

Our whole world has never been so much connected as it now is. The whole earth has become a big integrated marketplace where globalization is the new rule of law and the success of any company or business depends on its abilities to reach new customers and expand all over the world. As technology becomes more advanced and seamless, the usage of internet will be the key factor in marketing techniques and growing a company’s visibility and operation base.

These techniques which are based on the new methods of marketing and operate mostly through virtual platforms to increase their brand recognition and user base are collectively known as Growth Hacking. The process of these techniques mainly depends on the internet and social media to advance a company’s interests and attract new customers to their fold. Growth hackers are mainly engineers and software developers of the company and they outline the basic strategy to promote their brand or idea by using internet and data driven services.

Some great growth hacks for your business

Growth hacks are not universal in nature, and every company can have different requirements which will result in real growth and satisfactory progress. But there are some standard growth hacking techniques which are usually undertaken by every company looking toward the internet to solve its marketing woes. Some of these techniques are mentioned below

  • Search Engine Optimization- It is the process of making your website feature higher in search results when the user searches for anything related to your company or business. Search engine optimization is mainly done by adding new content to websites, promoting your brand or idea to attract higher website visitors.

  • Email Marketing- one of the most popular method to grow a business in virtual space, email marketing has been the tried and tested formula to increase customer interaction and visibility. Email marketing is viable cost wise as well and considering the universal use of e-mail accounts, it is not hard to understand why it is still a universally popular marketing technique.
  • Social Media presence- Growth Hackers consistently use social media platforms to promote their brands and ideas and they can be very successful if executed in the right way. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of users and more than enough eyeballs to sell your product or idea.

Although Growth Hacking might sound easy and viable, it’s another thing to perform it in a way which results in maximum success and long term progress. Therefore, start using these universally popular growth hacks to improve your company and its future.

By Steveh

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